Angelo and I as you can see, spend most of our free time shopping lmao! It's really an obsession that I have had for many years way before he was born; it was actually worse when I had no kid, no "real" bills, or married. On this post I decided to start sharing some of [...]

Star Spangled boy

Outfit for this day was inspired for our country U.S.A! I love where I reside and where I have decided to raise a family in. God bless our America! Outfit details Graphic blue onesie: DieseL baby, runs about 35$ Star Cardigan: H&M 9.95$ Handmade Red Moccs: Deeriehandmade 18$ can be found on etsy or IG [...]

Sundays Wardrobe

WARDROBE: Newspaper boy hat: Carter's (bought way before Angelo was born) You can find similar on Rolling Stones T-Shirt: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online Red Trousers: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online Handmade Gold Moccs: @Bensfavoritethings For this beautiful day Angelo will be comfy and stylish 😉 [...]