Pediped Shoes

Pediped Shoes

Hey guys! I have a great pair of starters and long time wear shoes I would love to share with you guys. Pedipedshoes are known to provide comfort and promote healthy foot development. Their shoes start from newborn to size 6 youth. Scarlett has been wearing Pediped shoes since about 6 months. They helped her [...]


This Thanksgiving we spent it with my husbands side of our family. All of Angelo's aunts, uncles and cousins were here from New York. We spent our Thanksgiving dinner at my husbands grandmas house. We spent some nice quality time together and ate so much food. Angelo had a great first Thanksgiving. I am so [...]


Angelo and I as you can see, spend most of our free time shopping lmao! It's really an obsession that I have had for many years way before he was born; it was actually worse when I had no kid, no "real" bills, or married. On this post I decided to start sharing some of [...]

Star Spangled boy

Outfit for this day was inspired for our country U.S.A! I love where I reside and where I have decided to raise a family in. God bless our America! Outfit details Graphic blue onesie: DieseL baby, runs about 35$ Star Cardigan: H&M 9.95$ Handmade Red Moccs: Deeriehandmade 18$ can be found on etsy or IG [...]

Sundays Wardrobe

WARDROBE: Newspaper boy hat: Carter's (bought way before Angelo was born) You can find similar on Rolling Stones T-Shirt: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online Red Trousers: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online Handmade Gold Moccs: @Bensfavoritethings For this beautiful day Angelo will be comfy and stylish 😉 [...]