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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hola Niña, its been a little while since i last seen you all… I wanted to ask you im totally redecorating my two living rooms and dining room. Wanted to ask if by me sending you pics and some of my colors that i would like you can help me pretty please in ideas. I like simplicity light colors.., let me know please and thank you




  2. Hey! My name is Kelly. I commented on your photos on Instagram, love seeing the outfits you put together and your beautiful fam! I had some questions about Orlando. My husband is in the military and would love to retire there. I have only lived in the Northeast and vacation down there, so I don’t l know a lot about “real life” there. Are there any neighborhoods that you recommend? One with great schools, homes, etc.? We were told Windermere, but it looked pretty expensive. I would appreciate your advice!

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hey Kelly! Windermere is great but yes it is on the higher class end. I grew up in the Hunters Creek area and love it. Everything is close by or just a few minutes away. The schools are public schools and aren’t that bad either. It is a very family oriented area for sure. Other two places I would recommend looking into would be Dr.Phillips or Winter Park!


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