All F R E S H with Little Spoon

All F R E S H with Little Spoon

Hi ya'll! I'm so excited to finally share my thoughts on The Little Spoon freshly home delivered baby blends. Few weeks back we were able to give The Little Spoon a try for 14 days. I say 14 days because thats the longest period their fresh blends could stay refreigerated unless if you store them in the freezer. [...]

Teething with Nuby

Hi mamas, it's been a hectic couple of days but here we are! So our little diva has been full blown teething since about 4 months. It got worse over time with night fevers and constant diarrhea. She would cry over her sore gums and try to put anything in her mouth to soothe her. [...]

Morning routine 

Hey guys! Lets talk Shea! My morning routine once Scarlett and Angelo wake up consist of trying to get them fed and bathed. Shea Moisture has been my all time favorite since when Angelo started to react upon using Johnson & Johnson and developing minor eczema. I tried everything and Shea Moisture was MY solution! [...]