If you've followed through with me on my Formulate hair journey these last couple of months you can clearly see a difference in my hair. I'll start from the beginning on how it all started for those who are just tuning in! Formulate is a company that generates personalized shampoos + conditioners to your desired [...]

Bleached out Mama!

New Look!- Gone lighter ladies! I love it! My mother is my best hairstylist! After I got pregnant I decided to go a different way and cut my bangs and hair a bit shorter. After a few months I started regretting it and wanted my hair to its usual way. Before Angelo I was always [...]

Beauty Dupes

Hey hot mommas! I thought I'd share some makeup dupes that I have came across looking through other makeup junkies blogs that are far way cheaper and work just as well! Being a mother doesn't mean we cant keep our sexy on! 😉 I love hair, makeup, & nail polish! I collect a bunch of [...]