The Wishing Forest At Altamonte Mall

Welcome back!

Let’s get straight to it and talk about all things holidays happening at Altamonte Mall this year 2020!

We all know things have been a little wacky during these times with Covid and having to wear a mask everywhere we go. Have no worries, Altamonte Mall has made it possible to enjoy the holidays and still stay safe. They are following social distancing protocal in the mall and in all of their stores too!

You can read up on their Safety Measures here!


The Wishing Tree Grove is the first stop at The Wishing Forest. You’ll see huge trees in the center of the mall the minute you walk in and won’t be able to miss it! We walked right up to the two nice ladies waiting to guide us through the experience. To get started you need a pine cone. We listened to the tail of The Wishing Tree and followed by each writing down a wish, folding our papers and putting each wish inside the pine cone. We walked over to the opening of the tree where the kids were able to place their pine cone into the tree and await the experience.

It was magical, it was amazing, and we loved it! We watched the tree light up and show us its lights. The experience included several images of us inside of the tree. We got some pretty good pictures of our family so focused to see what would happen. (you could see those below)

At the end the ornamental pine cone is given back as a keepsake for us to cherish and display on our tree at home.

*The cost of this experience is $20 with a ornamental pine cone to keep and some images emailed to you from inside the tree!


Walking right over you will find Santa’s Memory Grove! Parent’s will wait behind the green carpet (safety measures) while the children get to sit 6ft away and have a conversation with Santa. Angelo loved this and chatted away for quite sometime probably about all the gifts he wants under the tree!

Santa had a mask the whole time but still kept it jolly and conversated. It was a different experience from usual but he still loved it all.

You can take pictures with Santa and also enjoy some of the trees around The Memory Grove to snap personal family pictures. We took a few ourselves!

*You can choose between photo packages that range in pricing. You can also book your reservations online here!


The holidays are about giving and showing gratitude in some way. The Giving Grove are nostalgic coin operated games for the public to enjoy. In order to get these games started you’ll have to purchase tokens. All the proceeds will go towards Ali’s Hope Foundation, to assist young adults newly diagnosed with mental illness who are learning to accept their diagnosis, live in recovery and have hope for their future.

You can Donate $1 for 1 Token or $5 for 6 Tokens.

Here are some pictures that are included in your Wishing Tree visit of us!

The experiences can be enjoyed until December 24th from 11am-7pm. The Memory Grove is only open until 5pm on the 24th.

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