Holiday Gift Guide For Boys 7+

Am I the only one having a hard time shopping for their son(s)?

Girls are pretty easy but boys man are the difficult. I’m going to share some of the things we decided on based on his interest and then other things we agreed on.

1. Switch Fullsize Pro Controllers

These are a bigger fit and will give him better control and grip while playing.

2. Mario Kart Live

3. Pokemon Robe

This will probably be one of his favorite gifts haha. He’s been asking for a robe since her started virtual learning. Now he won’t be cold in the mornings!

4. Dog Man Book Set

He loves to read and this collection brings a few he can read all summer!

5. Yoda 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

We went with a 3 wheel scooter because this is his first one. Angelo has a hard time with balance and strength. This scooter was a great option because it is meant to hold up to 145lb in weight and suitable for his age as well. The scooter wheels light up as well!

6. Pokemon Battle Game

He was already playing battle games at home with whoever he could get to battle him. This game is going to be a hit!

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