Rejuvenique Oil + It’s 101 Uses

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the coconut oil treatments that make your hair flourish, grow, bring it back to life etc. Well when I started this venture and getting to talk and educate myself even more about these products and what they will be doing to my hair, I found out that coconut oil treatments are not that great! For example, the molecules in coconut oil are not small enough to penetrate the hair strand. So literally coconut oil is just sitting on top of your hair. It’s not actually doing much good for your hair strands or hair itself.

I’m mean I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not impressed haha. I always wondered how such a thick consistency could just be washed off so easily, especially for someone like myself with super oily hair strands.

Now, you ask! What is Rejuvenique Oil and why is it so great?!

Well, Rejuvenique Oil is in all of Monat’s hair products in some way or another. One of the reasons the brand caught my attention was because of this oil! It has many uses from skin to hair and my whole family can benefit from it. As you all know my son was diagnosed with psoriasis a few years ago and I have not found anything in the market that is safe for his delicate skin or that provides enough moisture to his skin. We’ve been using the oil for some time now and his skin is starting to look somewhat better from when we first started.

Our products are vegan & natural. We say no to harmful ingredients and are leaping bunny approved!

There are 101 ways to use this oil, but I’ll keep it short and simple to my own personal favorites!

+ Overnight Scalp Treatments: this right here saved my life ya’ll! I have super oily hair strands but an extremely dry scalp. These treatments have reduced 80% of my scaly scalp or dandruff whatever you want to call it.

+ Psoriasis: Like I mentioned my son has this skin condition that has no cure. Morning and night every day massaging it in has helped ease his very dry cracked hands and feet.

+ Finishing Style Oil: after a blow out or after curling my hair. Half drop on my palms rub together and tap the top of my head and rub into my ends. Walla! Less frizz.

+ Face Oil: many people use this oil as apart of their face routine to clear up pores, scars and help with skin texture. You can also use in combo with your moisturizer!

+ Body Oil: drop that J&J baby oil ladies! This is much healthier for your skin and leaves no greasy residue or feeling.

+ Sun Aftercare: sunburnt? No worries, rub some of our oil on those areas and you will wake up with no red! Works really well with peeling skin around nose and body too.

+ Dry Lips: I get DMs all the time about what it is doing to my lips when I am applying this on my lips lol. Welp just like I have a dry scalp so are my lips. This add extra moisture I am lacking to them and helps them stay away from being chapped! I also apply this under my liquid lipsticks. I let it sit for a bit then apply my lipstick.

Well those are my favorite uses! As you can see it has many benefits.

How Can I Get My Hands On It Dee?

Super simple, you can join as my VIP and automatically qualify for 15% off, free shipping, a free gift every month, a birthday gift, and additional discounts! I’m more than happy to go more in depth on any questions you may have. So you can always drop a comment and I’ll get back to ya ❤ or take my hair & skin quiz!

Hope this was helpful babes!


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