Super Mario Birthday Party

Hello babes here’s my long over due post on Angelo’s 7th Birthday Party!

Ballon Arc by @stellaeventsflorida
Cake by @barbscakess

Angelo’s theme this year was a Nintendo Super Mario sleep over theme. I wanted to incorporate Nintendo Switch gaming in there somewhere because thats where his love for Mario came from. He also really wanted a sleep over but with the size of our home there was no way I’d be able to cram a bunch of cousins and friends so we decided on a late party so the kiddos could have a pj party with a night of gaming. He loved the idea!

Custom Nintendo bars from Etsy

We pretty much DIY everything including these brick wall boxes. I got the roll of paper from Michaels. It was quite enough to do many boxes. The ? block was just a big yellow poster board, measured, cut into squares and glued on with glue. The ? were a printable off of Pinterest.

Balloons were from Amazon
Gamer balloons were from Amazon as well
Table decor was all from Target & Party City

I’ll go through the main table now. BarbsCakes created his cake and she did such an amazing job! She took an image I had sent her and turned it into this master piece here. It was delicious and most importantly Angelo was obsessed.

The star platter in front were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I made these with a star cookie cutter that you could easily find at Michaels.

The mustaches were made by me with some patterned straws, a mustache mold from Amazon and some black Milton melted chocolate that you could find several colors at Michaels.

Pudding cup cutouts were made by a friend
Food labels were a free printable from Pinterest
Cupcake stands were tubbing from my husbands job haha and the top plate is a Dollar Tree tray hot glued
Other minimal decor were frames from Ross and all tubing were from my husbands job but you can find some at your local Lowes or Home Depot!

The blue desert table cover was from Amazon. The piranha plant design were a Etsy print out wrapped around a glass jar and glued. The Etsy owner provides a youtube link on how to make these using their printable which was very helpful!

Here’s a Pinterest link to some of the character’s we DIY.

I hope this answers the majority of your questions! If I missed something you can always comment down below or reach out to me on IG @deearivett.


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