Valentine’s Baskets for Kids

Valentine’s Day is upon us and here are a few ideas for v-day baskets for a girl and boy.

Scarlett’s basket is a bit much fuller than Angelo’s only because lately I’ve noticed how minimalist Angelo is. He’s more about a little is a lot and I actually like that about him. When we overwhelm him with gifts he only ends up touching less than a handful.

All links will be provided to mostly everything I gathered for them both. As to their baskets they are recycled. Basically you don’t have to go out and buy these pretty baskets every year just look around your home/their bedrooms and scout anything you could reuse. Saves you money and time!

Girl things:

1. Be Mine headband
2. Hearts of Yarn doll
3. Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart book
4. Sweet Talker Tumbler-HOT MESS
5. Tattoos
6. LOVE socks//Target
7. Love pins//Target
8. Heart M&M stick//Target

Boy things:

1. Love Yourself tee
2. Skittles Heart
3. Puzzle//Target
4. Print set//Dollar Store
5. Best Joke Book for Kids

Hope these ideas help you to creat a love basket or box for your kidddos!


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