Wall Decals To Make A Room POP!

I mentioned last year around December that we would have to move out of our townhome that we’ve lived in since Angelo was 2 years old. It was tough leaving that place behind but I was also excited to move into a new space. Our new space is much smaller, but perfect for us none the less.

We moved into a condo and since the kids still cosleep with us we still stuck to a 2bedroom2bath.

The kids share a bedroom and I wanted to make it super gender friendly. I wanted it to be a fun and welcoming space for them. Thats when I decided on a theme and started looking for the perfect wall pieces. Again, something gender neutral. I decided on a boho theme and wanted a cactus wall.

Urban Walls had just launched their Sahara Collection and were nice enough to send us their Cactus Decals. I decided on the terra cotta color because it had a great mix of neutral colors.

The application on these decals was sooo easy! I did all the cutting, placing, and smoothing all by myself. It is literally a cut, place, position and smooth out process.

I only used four tools to achieve this wall.

  1. Scissors
  2. Credit card (to smooth out decals)
  3. Tape
  4. Chair

I prepped my wall beforehand by wiping it down with a cloth and warm water. I cut out all the cactus decals and arranged them on the wall using tape. I used a chair for those high difficult spots. Then, I peeled back the edge and started smoothing out each one until the wall was complete!

The quality of these decals is amazing and the colors are on point. No grainy, dull appearance at all!

These decals are not reusable but I did mess up a few times with placing them straight and repositioned with no hassle.

Their room isn’t fully finished, mainly Angelo side of the room, but so far I love the outcome! The wall definitely makes a difference in this space and the kids love it!

I’ll share a full room tour once everything else is set up.

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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