Scarlett’s Hair Styling Routine

First, I’m going to lay it out;

-she has natural curly hair

-she has very tangible hair

-she has frizzy hair

-she has front face fly aways

When I was looking for hair products for her hair I needed them to help with what I listed above. It took some time ya’ll, but I finally have it down pack!

I’m going to share step by step how to achieve tamed curly hair!

1st Step: Detangle

I have to get this done e v e r y d a y. Scarlett’s hair gets so tangled up from sleeping and playing, but her hair is very easy to work with. I use The Original Wet Brush hair brush for her very gentle head. This brush is the best thing ever! So easy and painless to the touch.

Then, I use a detangling spray. I was on the hunt for one that catered towards curly hair and could never find one. I used several others that were great but nothing that would moisturize her curls in the process and help keep them in shape until I found Not Your Mother’s Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler. This stuff is A M A Z I N G! Best detangling spray for curly hair.

This works magic in Scarlett’s hair and if I skip using it her hair does not last throughout the day.

I spray a good amount of this stuff all over her hair and in between halves of her hair. Basically pick up strands spray and so forth. I’ll brush from top to mid section if it’s not so tangled and then hold her ends and brush those out. If her hair is very tangled I would start from the bottom holding her ends, brushing them and moving up.

2nd Step: Style

I’ve used Cantu line of products for myself but their styling product was a bit too heavy for my hair. Then I discovered they carried a kids line and wanted to give them a try!

Sure enough this product is amazing on Scarlett’s hair. The Cantu Kids Curling Cream is not too heavy on her curls unlike the regular line catered to adults. I guess the formula is much lighter.

It defines, moisturizes, and shapes her curls in the perfect spiral. It even helps shape those difficult hairs that don’t curl on their own.

This product claims to “tame fussy frizz” but it doesn’t achieve that purpose for Scarlett. I even looked into just trying something else but even then nothing compared. Then I discovered a product that tames away frizz at the absolute best and the mix of both products together work wonders for her hair. (keep reading & I’ll talk more about that product)

3rd Step: Tame

This product sticks to its name and can be used on its own on the littlest babes too. T is for Tame Taming Cream and T is for Tame Taming Mist are two amazing products created by a mother herself who wanted to tame her kids hair and fly aways with the cleanest ingredients. T is for Tame is jojoba oil, coconut oil, and tapioca starch. It has the most pleasant smell and delivers as promise!

I use the Taming Cream as the last touch in Scarlett’s hair. I basically use this product as a sealant haha as funny as that sounds, but for real it tames her fly aways around her face and keeps the frizz down for the day.

Like I had mention before I use T is for Tame on quick outings as well. When I have no time for all the other products this is the only one I use to keep her hair together.

It is that a m a z i n g!

I’ll use the taming mist all over to hydrate and then the taming cream to style her hair in piggys etc.

Let me know if you’ve tried these product or plan on to in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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