Since Scarlett was a baby I’ve kept her on a routine. I took my best friends advice years ago when we both were first time moms about keeping a routine so the kids would nap.

I asked about her routine so I could get an idea but I tweaked it a bit and made it my own. Only because every child is different and every mothers routine isn’t the same.

I’m going to share 3 simple suggestions that makes long naps a miracle for us!

Before I share these simple recommendations, this “How To Toddler Nap” was sponsored for a review by Little Twig Products but all opinions are my own.

1. Lavender everything! I’ve used lavender scented products for many years now. I swear by them and sleepy toddlers love them.

I’ve been using Little Twigs Calming Lavender Baby Wash, Shampoo , Detangling Conditioner, and Baby Lotion to get her ready for naps. These products are delicate on the skin and certified organic. They are natural essential oil fragrances, so none of that nasty infused fake stuff and pH balanced! This was the main reason I fell in love with their products.

My point is find a great lavender baby product that will calm and sooth your very sleepy babe.

2. A bath before nap time! I follow this order of products to achieve the best nap time bath.

First, I set the bath mid way full with luke warm water. I lather her with Little Twig’s Calming Lavender Body Wash and rinse. Then, I wash her hair with the Little Twig’s Lavender Shampoo. Following the conditioner is amazing for curly hair and leaves her hair extremely soft. It’s so hard to find baby conditioner that will do its job and actually detangle, THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS!

Lastly, the baby lotion has to be one of my favorite lotions to use! It has replaced the other two I had stashed away haha! This lotion isn’t heavy but is extremely moisturizing to the skin. Leaves such a smooth finish to delicate baby skin.

3. Follow a strict routine! Set a time that you’d want your toddler to always take a nap on. We’ve made noon our nap time!

I’ll start off our day by feeding her breakfast and then having her pick out an activity she wants to start on. I let her use up all her energy in the morning during activity/play time so by the time bath time approaches she’s about ready to knock out! I know all of her sleepy ques like yawning, laying on the floor with her ipad or to watch tv, putting her stuffed animals to sleep next to her, and crankiness along with asking for some milk.

I don’t do morning baths which I believe are what make it difficult for some toddlers to nap. I rather wake up let her eat, play, and then bathe. She’ll be much more exhausted and willing to nap.

Well those are my 3 tips to a successful 2-3 hour nap time for a toddler. I hope it helps any of my mamas out there who need and depend on naps to get things done around the house etc.

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