Crystal Lake Lagoon in Epperson Wesley Chapel, Florida

The Crystal Lake lagoon is a 7.5 acre man made lagoon. It simply looks like a huge pool but the water isn’t treated with chemicals instead it is purified clear water. The lagoon has a water slide, swim up bar, paddle boarding, kayaking and a huge water float. There’s a surf shop and food trucks available. As well, as a ice cone truck available for purchase to cool down. Great for the kids!

The water is shallow in certain areas and deeper in others.

I received an over flow of DMs from that day and I felt like I kept repeating the same information over and over again. I might have missed some of you but here you’ll be able to know all the questions you all have asked.

1. How do I purchase tickets?

In order to visit the lagoon you have to purchase tickets beforehand. They will not sell you a ticket at the door or even allow you in. You head to the site, choose your date and you’ll see how many tickets are available to purchase that day. Monday-Friday tickets are $10 Saturday-Sunday tickets are $20 per person ages 2 and up!


2. What can we bring inside the lagoon?

You aren’t allowed to bring anything inside honestly. The only things allowed are a beach umbrella and any floating device for your children. Food and drinks are sold inside.

3. Are chairs and umbrellas provided?

No. Chairs and umbrellas can be rented beforehand online while purchasing your tickets. They average from $15-$20. Basically they allow the residents who live there to have access to these chairs and umbrellas before the outside people do, but I was told if you arrive early and there is some available then you may use them. (Thats what we did!)

They have chairs available to the public but without umbrellas at no cost, but they are first come first serve.

4. Are the activities inside included in admission ticket?

No. Everything inside the park is an add on!

$10 per 1hr. paddle boarding

$10 per 1hr. kayaking (can fit up to 3 ppl.)

$10 all day use of waterslide

$10 for 45 minutes on the water activity float

5. What hotel did you stay in?

We stayed at the Best Western Wesley Chapel. It was the only hotel closest to the lagoon, about 10 minutes away exact. Also, near the hotel is a shopping center with a movie theater, shops, and near by restaurants. The lagoon is located in a very secluded area. For example, you only see trees and farms on your way there from Orlando. The town is still in the process of building from what it seems.

Overall, the kids had a blast and we enjoyed our time there. I forgot to mention the lagoon is only opened for the meantime to the public. Once all the homes in the community are built and sold it will only be available to the residents of Epperson. Unless you know a resident that lives there they can bring you along for an extra charge per person.

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