Packing The Lily Jade Anna Diaper Bag

When finding out I was pregnant the first time around, the thought of having to possibly never use my purses really sadden me. I never thought I’d be so highly obsessed with diaper bags as I am now haha. I did a ton of research and searched high and low for the perfect first diaper bag and that was Lily Jade for me!

This is where my love for the brand started, six years ago exact. (I have reviewed the Rosie diaper bag here on how I pack it for two for those interested.)When Lily Jade launched their backpack style diaper bags I was sure intrigued to get my hands on it. Simple fact, because its hard to find a backpack diaper bag that is stylish, still keeps its shape, plus offer the space any regular backpack would. The Anna Medium Diaper Bag comes in two size; medium and large. This is my thoughts and how I pack it for any day out with one or two kids. (Age 2,6)

I don’t pack much for my six year old but his Nintendo Switch and some snacks for him. My two year old still needs her sippy cup with milk, her snacks, blanket, diapers, wipes, toys, and iPad/activities. I’ll share all of that down below and where/how I store each thing to make it a comfortable fit.

You’ll see how this bag is the perfect 2in1 diaper bag for any mother’s lifestyle needs!The Anna Medium Diaper Bag has a front lower slip zipper pocket where I store my lipsticks, business cards and any of my small personal things. Then, there is a top half-way zipper pocket where I store about 5 diapers, wipes, blanket, snack bag(which carries her bib & juice box as well), and a toy. There’s an inside zipper pocket where I carry her butt cream and butt cream applicator.

The best part to this bag is the back storage pocket. Having that extra space to hold stuff is amazing! It’s a full zip pocket which makes it super easy to store bigger objects. I slide her iPad back there and my wallet. In the extra interior slip pocket I add her coloring book with some crayons to keep her busy when needed.The exterior of this bag is a black nylon with silver hardware. It has footed feet to keep a well distance between floor and bag when placed down. It has a magnetic back pocket where I usually slide my phone into but could also be used to hide away the backpack straps when not in use.

The two large side bottle holders are amazing in depth and width. This bag probably beats any size diaper bottle holder ever! I’ve never been able to fit bottles in such an easy fit. Literally slide that sucker in with no tugging or pushing!There’s a handle up top for easy grab in and out the car plus it easily converts from backpack to crossbody carry in seconds.

The details of the tassel and beautiful jade lining are one of the many unique features Lily Jade bags offer. There’s a bag for every mother’s lifestyle and needs!

P.S: check out my instagram live video for a detailed look at the Anna Medium Diaper Bag!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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