What It’s Like Being a Stay At Home Parent

This question gets asked so many times! I decided to express my thoughts on it, so this post will be all over the place.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for about 3 years now. It wasn’t something my husband and I planned on doing and I say both of us because it is much of a lifestyle change to myself as it is to him. What I mean by that is he had to take on the role as the full provider for our family. It took us a couple of months to adjust to our new lifestyle, but we’ve made it work and he chose a work change that would bring in more income to make it happen for us.

Being a SAHM at the beginning was a dream for me. If you’ve followed along since Angelo was born I worked retail while pregnant with Angelo. I loved it because I worked for a company for many years who basically became family to me and fashion has always been my passion and love. After having Angelo all that changed and I couldn’t bare to go back to work after 5 months of being home with him. I went back and it was horrible for me. It made breastfeeding hard and my emotions go off the roof. I remember being at work on break calling my grandmother crying because I couldn’t take the distance away from him anymore. I asked her to please let me work for her and thats where I became both a full-time caregiver for my son and a working mother. I quit my retail job and started working for my grandparents online beauty supply store. Angelo would come to work with me everyday.

Back to the real subject “What It’s Like Being a Stay At Home Parent”, its tough but worth it for us.

After I had Scarlett I decided to stay home it was just going to be too much to take two children to work with me. Like I mentioned, my grandparents own a online beauty supply store. Where I worked was basically a warehouse filled with hair products that could easily tip over or break. With one kid its alright my grandmother would help once her shift was done and I’d stay behind with my aunt to finish out the rest of the day, but adding another small child to the mix was just going to be too much for her so thats where the SAHP decision came into place. In order for us to make this happen my husband was already making decent money working for a warehouse but he furthered his education and received his CDL drivers license. Huge opportunities opened up for him during that time and it just all worked out for us.

During this time I kept blogging and started to actually want to make money off of what I was doing as a hobby for so many years. I hired a social media content strategist who worked on my blog design, logo, business cards, and media kit. I was getting invited to join marketing sites more frequently and my following started growing a bit more. My engagement was also flourishing which opened up many new partnerships and collaborations. On the other hand this is a way for myself to make some extra cash from home for myself. I wanted to do this so I didn’t have to ask my husband for my personal necessities or even just if I wanted to buy the kids something on my own.

Whats it’s really like at the beginning: was constant financial fights, stress, and feeling overwhelmed. My husband is a money hungry kind of person and the thought of feeling like our weekends needed to be spent at home because there just wasn’t enough money for extras drove him insane! We take our weekends seriously and family vacations too. So those two things were something we had to put off for sometime. Stress got to the both of us. He stressed for the things I mentioned above and my stress came from just always having arguments over the reasons of me not working. I felt horrible but also not appreciated so thats where the overwhelming feeling came along. My weeks are busy ya’ll! Angelo requires a lot from me because of his therapy sessions and at the time I was nursing Scarlett. She was a baby and only wanted mommy which she still does.

What it’s really like now: still overwhelming at times because my schedule is still exactly the same routine but my husband and I’s relationship has flourished and we understand each other much better. After several sit downs and conversations we know this is our life and we have to make the best of it. He manages our finances so well and that is how we are able to still do the things we love.

Now that Angelo is in Kinder and Scarlett is 2 years old I’ve taken on more work. I work 1-2 days part-time for my cousins family owned spa. Mainly to get out the house and socialize with adults and of course I get to be around my primas (cousins). Haha! Also, my step dad started up his own picture mirror and party business where my mother and I are the designers for. Its a little side hustle doing something I’ve always loved doing. If you know me you know I go ALL out for my kids birthdays or any event I host.

I’ve created a schedule for myself and I try to follow it as much as possible.

  • Mondays: Occ./Dev. Therapy
  • Tuesdays: Speech Therapy
  • Wednesdays: Laundry/ Soccer practice
  • Thursdays: Hair salon
  • Fridays: Clean house for the weekend

*And that doesn’t include any other doctor appointments or personal appointments for myself. I usually squeeze those in in the morning time before having to pick up Angelo from school. I’ll try to work on content for my social sites on each day during the early morning time before Scarlett wakes up or during her nap time.

Somedays my weeks don’t go as planned and I’ve learned not to stress it anymore. We live day by day and through these years have made having one full time working parent as our sole provider work.

If you guys have any questions always leave them down below and I’d love to get back!


Darivett Michelle

5 thoughts on “What It’s Like Being a Stay At Home Parent

  1. Hello Darivett 🙂 I am a fellow SAHM of 2 and been so for 6 years now. It is so beautiful to take on the hardest job of the planet! I have had my fair share of worries ie socialising, how about losing my identity if not working… but to be honest the days go far more quickly with 2 kids to raise than a 9 to 5 and I barely have the time to think about the rest. Like now my daughter is sitting next to me while I am trying to concentrate and she is playing a popping game and constantly says I popped it! lol but this is my strenght, I need to half my brain again lol I am reaching out to you because I could do with your input. I am trying to research the employability of SAHP by highlighting our daily tasks in a CV form. When you have a minute would you please give me some feedback? thanks a mil x


      1. Thanks a mil:) I am doing a research on the employability of SAHP, so have made some changes on my CV reflecting the tasks that I am responsible for in a daily basis. It will be great if us all can make the same changes and apply for jobs and see how the market reacts…what do you think? I just want to really investigate the real opportunities there for stay at home parents after taking a career break to raise kids.. let me know what yout think:) thanks so much for answering back I have great faith in this x


  2. I’m a SAHD & totally understand how hard it is. But you sound like you are doing a fab job. I have just starting blogging about being a SAHD. If you get a chance would you be kind enough to check it out https://househusband.blog would like to build a like minded community


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