Apps for a “Pretty” Instagram Story

This question gets asked all the time through my DMs and I promised I’d share pretty much which apps I use to create them.

Now, I will make you aware I use quite some because I like to switch it up. I have a file created on my phone just for IG stories, where all those apps I use are at a quick accessible reach for me. I suggest you do the same.

I am going to name my Top 3 Favorites at the moment:

Storyluxe: what I love the most about this app are the pre-created “get to know me” templates. Not sure if thats what they are called but they have so many to choose from that you could use to get to know your following or vice versa. (For my bloggers & influencers reading this, def. check it out!)

Storyart: this app has so much to offer from story highlight designs to templates organized by style or personal preference. I always look through the girlish, film, and minimal styles.

Canva: this app was one of the first I got really familiar with. I’ve created so much through it from logos to blog post images etc. It has so much to offer and endless ways for you to get creative! The best part about this app is that you could use it on your desktop computer as well through

Thats pretty much the ones I’ve been excessively using lately, but I’ll post a screen shot of the others down below as well!

If you have any questions always comment down below and I’ll be happy to get back ❤


Darivett M.

2 thoughts on “Apps for a “Pretty” Instagram Story

  1. I found your site through Facebook and I really loved this post I find it helpful! Am also new to blogging but I feels good to read and learn from other bloggers. Nice!!


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