If you’ve followed through with me on my Formulate hair journey these last couple of months you can clearly see a difference in my hair.

Formulate Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ll start from the beginning on how it all started for those who are just tuning in! Formulate is a company that generates personalized shampoos + conditioners to your desired needs and results. They create a formula that works for your hair and environment. You choose everything from the scent, to the intensity of its aroma that goes into the bottle. I’ve included my desired hair goals below along with my choice of scent;


I chose At Dawn which is a mixture of apple, pear, and rose. The shampoo and conditioner smell just as described. I also chose the highest level of aroma. I like well  cleaned and good smelling hair.

During my hair journey I was looking to achieve less split ends, a none itchy dry scalp, and growth. (I use to be a blonde and have gone through two pregnancies in which each time the texture of my hair has changed.)

After you take a test which generates the formula that’s meant just for you, they send out your bottles.


The packaging is very modern and sleek. I love that each bottle comes with it’s own pump. Not many high end brands provide these so that was a plus for me!

As for the formulas the shampoo isn’t a thick consistency like I am use to. I am assuming since I did want it to help with my super oily hair that it might be much lighter. Regardless it cleans very well, but I do have to wash about 3-4x. The conditioner is the same way not a thick consistency but I don’t mind because again my hair is naturally very oily! I only apply conditioner to my ends for a few minutes and rinse.

I did ask why the product was somewhat “liquidy” and they did mention to me when I request my new formula I can ask for a thicker consistency if I’d like. All those things can be changed upon communication through email.


Overall, I recommend giving Formulate a try! I’ve seen a tremendous difference in the texture of my hair, length, and scalp.

My hair feels much softer after every wash and blow dry. It is much shinier and longer. Before I started I had cut my hair to get rid of some of the remaining blonde tips and its grown so much during this journey.

The biggest wow factor for me during this process has been my scalp. It feels amazing it isn’t itchy or as dry as before. I know it takes about 2-3 formulas to get the results you want to achieve so I am extremely amazed at how the first formula so far has treated my dry scalp.

I am excited to continue using Formulate products and keep seeing and feeling the results.

I’ll be running a giveaway with Formulate following this click link!

Enter for a chance to win a set of your own formula plus receive a $5 off coupon if you’d like to order right away!

I’d love to know what you are looking to achieve on your hair journey this new year! Let me know in the comments down below.

Darivett M.

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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