Packing For Two ft. Lily Jade Rosie

Hi mamas & welcome!

Today I’ll be going through in full detail what I usually carry for both my kiddos using the Lily Jade Rosie in camel.

I don’t carry much on a daily for my oldest because he’s older and past the toddler stage, but I do still pack for him just in case. I’ll jump right into my bag of choice at the moment!

I’ve been using the Lily Jade Rosie for about two months now and have a new found love for this bag! Let me clarify this isn’t the first Lily Jade diaper bag I have used before. I’ve also used the Madeline but the Rosie is just a much better fit and size for my type of lifestyle. It fits so much for two kids!


One of my favorite features is the Jade colored 12 pocket organizer which includes a changing pad as well. This is such a great add on to the bag for the simple fact that you can pre-pack it and slide it right into the bag. Also, it’s great for those trips to grandmas house when you need to run some errands without the kids. You just pull the two small handles and the whole organizer comes right out! You don’t have to leave your whole bag behind, because I don’t know about you but I don’t really carry a purse for myself when I am out with the kids. I’ll toss my wallet, lipstick, phone and keys right into the back compartment of my diaper bag. This is another plus for me!

The Rosie is a 2 in 1 in my eyes, a beautiful diaper bag and purse.

Another great feature is the ability to shoulder, backpack or messenger carry. I love, love, love this about Lily Jade!

I looked up a few youtube videos to get the loops correctly done to backpack carry because I knew its the one thing I would enjoy the most about using this diaper bag. It feels so comfortable on the back even on those days where I fully pack.

The backpack carry is so convenient for me just for the simple fact that I am a SAHM, both my kids are with me mostly 24/7 and I constantly have to bring a lot of things in and out of the car along with carrying my 17 month old. This add on restrains from me having to put extra weight on my arms especially since I have postpartum carpal tunnel on my left arm.


The material of all Lily Jade bags is a buttery full grain leather. The Rosie is a natural tanned leather. I know the price for some people is steep on these bags but you won’t know if its worth the buy until you try one for yourself. Your paying for quality and workmanship when you get a Lily Jade. My Rosie was gifted to me for a honest review but I have purchased another style of their bags myself like I mentioned above and their bags just keep getting better and better.

Another great quality the Rosie offers is its ability to keep its structure even when its standing. I’ve had the bag for some time now and I try to “baby” my bags and protect them but its a diaper bag after all. I can say there are no scratches or marks so it definitely holds up well! As for the inside I forgot to mention the 12 pocket organizer is machine washable. So you can just pull it out and toss it right in the washer in case of any mess that needs to be taken cared of.


Now that I’ve given you all a in depth feel of the Lily Jade Rosie its time to show you all how I pack this baby up!

Watch video below & enjoy!



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Packing For Two ft. Lily Jade Rosie

  1. The bag is gorgeous! And I’m really picky when it comes to bags. I confess I was so horrified by the selection of diapers bags when I was pregnant with my twins that I just bought a leather tote instead. Mom’s are allowed style too!


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