Family Bonding ft. Father’s Factory Wooden Camera Toy

I’m back guys! & this time sharing one of our favorite wooden toys lately. If you know me then you know I much rather buy my kids wooden toys over plastic. They are just much nicer looking and last way longer!

Father’s Factory is a shop started up by a dad of two girls who is set on one goal and that is to bring the joy of family bonding with their wooden toys.

We love their 35mm Vintage Style Camera. It is defiantly high quality wood with such realistic features. Two of my favorite parts that my son enjoyed playing with were its kaleidoscope lens and magnetic flashing light. I really loved the feature of the magnetic detachable flash, because it makes that piece less likely to get lost around the house.

Both my kiddos (4 & 1) enjoyed playing with this wooden camera. Angelo has watched me take pictures of him all his life so he likes that now he can carry his own and copy me around. Haha. Scarlett already gets the hang of where the shoot button on the wooden camera is she loves that, oh and peeking her eye through the flash lens!

They have so many different options on wooden cameras and have a few styles coming out soon.

All of Father’s Factory wooden toys are eco-friendly too!

Now, because I know some of you have so much interest in getting one for your home. Father’s Factory has provided me with a coupon code for you all to use on their website It is DC15 for 15% off your entire purchase and you get free domestic shipping as well!!

I hope you all get around to purchasing one because you won’t be disappointed!



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

*coupon is active for a period of 10 days

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