Bento Box Packed Lunch

Hi babes!

We have been using this bento lunch box for Angelo for a couple months now. It’s been used for school and outings out the house, because I have a picky eater and half the time he doesn’t want anything that isn’t in his comfort zone.

Stuck On You are the creators of this super amazing bento box. Angelo was able to pick out his own color and art design to have on it.

There are two different compartments that can be used with it. The sand which style one and the original format. We use both very frequently!

On this day we are heading out to grandmas and will be out for awhile. I have packed a quick lunch for both kids with the original format compartment.

I used up two compartments for grains because both kiddos will be eating out of this, hot dogs for protein, grapes for fruit, and used up the vegetables compartment for some apple juice. Included with the lunch box is a cooler pouch as well.

Using this almost everyday has been superb! Its a great size and holds up perfectly. The bento box closes up tightly so no spills occur what so ever! Defiantly a A+!

I love this the most because it will be used for many years from here on out. Angelo is in pre-k at the moment but starts kinder next year. Like I mentioned above he is a picky eater so I pack him breakfast and lunch every day along with his snacks and this has been great to keep each food separated in its own little square.

Head on over to Stuck On You and create your own guys! You won’t regret it!





Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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