The Nutcracker STARRING Scarlett – 1st Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated my girls first birthday and baptism. I have been planning this birthday since I was pregnant with Scarlett because;

1.I like a head start

2.The theme required a lot of time to plan.

Scarlett’s 1st Birthday was a Nutcracker Party! Christmas is my favorite holiday and growing up I loved the Nutcracker ballet play. I knew I wanted something based off of it so I went to Pinterest. Sure enough it was a thing and I saw a few birthday parties based on the theme. One thing for sure was the decor all had to be created by me and only a small range of brands carried Nutcracker related birthday stuff.[Table skirt Festejos Party Rentals]

I did my research and found a boutique party shop who sold a line of gorgeous The Nutcracker Play related party supplies, but to my luck they were all international buyers and most of it all was sold out or just not available yet. I took myself to Etsy and sure enough I was able to find everything I needed for the kids table I wanted to create.[Backdrop CK Creative Studio] [Cake pops Lu belle Cakes – Nutcracker custom cookies Sweet Posh Cookie Co.][Cake Lu belle Cakes]

The cake table consisted of a beautiful fondant cake made out of almond cake and cream cheese filling, red velvet ballerina cake pops, Nutcracker Play inspired custom cookies, and a variety of Spanish sweets (mini tres leche, parcha mouse, and coconut bites). Everything tasted delicious![High chair Tutu skirt/ ONE banner/ Hobby Lobby – Wooden Pram Homegoods]

My vision for this party was a stage lookalike background with red velvet curtains, a dress up corner, a candy bar/goodie bag section, and a kids table set up for hands on activities.[Plates and party hats Celebration Lane – Cups Cranky Cakes Shop]

The activities I had in mind for the children were to create their own cookies and make their own holiday ornaments. We only got through the kids making their cookies because it was a big hit. We also booked a magician for entertainment which stole the show! He was A M A Z I N G! He brought in a live bunny that he incorporated in his magic show and did twist balloons for all the kids. It was a great hit for sure![Tree cones Homegoods – White wooden table Festejos Party Rentals][Nutcracker goodie boxes Oriental Trading]

All of the Nutcrackers and tree cones used were purchased from different stores like Ross, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dollar Store, and Target. Everything else was already owned by me or created with the help of my husband. All the furniture used were rented out pieces.[Wooden dolly pram Homegoods – Scarlett’s dress eBay – Scarlett’s crown eBay]

Scarlett’s outfits were definitely my favorite to pick out and put together. We did a dress for her entrance at the party and then changed her into a leotard tutu once the magician arrived. Honestly, her dress was never apart of the plan and it was definitely a last minute purchase. You wouldn’t believe how much I paid for that dress and how beautiful it made my girl look. I found it on eBay one night. It was in the perfect color and said it would arrive on time so I bought it! It only cost me 15$ ya’ll!!!! (I’ll provide links to it down below). Then her leotard was from @Dollcakevintage on Instagram. Her gold crown was from eBay, only cost me a 1$ HOLLA ATCHA GIRL! And her ballet shoes were from Amazon.[Leotard tutu Doll Cake – My red jumpsuit Forever21]

I enjoyed creating this dream come true for my little babe. I know its over the top for some but thats just me. I love being extra ecpecially when it comes to my kids.

The guest tables were decorated with vases full of red flowers, floating candles, gold mason jars, and nutcrackers. Gold charger plates with gold and white paper plates in the canter with a pink napkin and candy cane. The tables were covered in white linens with sparkly pink runners and white chair covers with red satin sashes! I didn’t get to picture them but I’m sure I have a picture somewhere and I’ll update the post when I find it.

If you have any questions or I miss anything you’d like to know info on just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!


Darivett ❤

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