Down time Music Choices 

Hi guys!

I get asked a lot what stations or apps I use to put little miss Scarlett down for naps and bedtime. I thought I’d gather some of our favorites so far and share with you all. These might help put your little one down as well or even yourself lol (not lying I’ve fallen asleep with Scarlett several times #momprobs).

I’m going to start off with my top choice. She’s been listening to sonatas since birth and loves it! The app I use is called Sonata in the app store. My choice of composers each time are Bethoveen and Bach. What I love about this app are the features it provides. At the top right corner there is a tab called “Composers” you can press it and choose what you are looking for like for example I always have it on “help kids” or “help sleep” and it gives you a list of composers who can provide just that. Also, it has a “Votes” tab at the bottom which displays a percentage of what each composer trully helps with. The votes come from people who use the app, I thought that was really nice.

My second choice is an app I’m sure everyone has on there phone and thats Pandora. In Pandora we love to listen to Baby Lullaby Radio and I recently discovered Enya that was recommended by a friend. Baby Lullaby is your typical childrens lullabies. It has a lot of Rockabye baby music which I love the kids to listen to. Angelo has listened to Rockabye baby since birth as well and we carry cds in the car too. Enya is very soothing and peaceful. I truly like to listen to it myself. It brings some sort of peace to my heart. Its amazing!

Lastly, the app Deep Sleep. It consists of a group of different sounds. The one we constantly use is Sounds from Nature and choose Rain (medium).

Down below I attached how these apps are pictured on the app atore so they are easier to locate. I hope I have helped some of you with new choices to help put your little ones down. I also use these apps during bathtime to make it a soothing ambiance for Scarlett.



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