Maternity Photos

They’re finally in my hands and I love them all! Seriously still can’t believe I made it to this shoot in Miami. We literally drove in to Miami the night before, did the shoot the next morning and left back home right after.

I did three different looks with May. I wanted the traditional shots with my husband and son and then the rest just focusing on myself and this baby bump. May is known for her maternity mermaid looks. In reality she can make anything you have in mind come to life! The mermaid look was our second shot and then I wanted a boho semi nude look, but that turned into a full nude photo session lol. May was excited for the nude shots. She convinced me to go full nude because she’s always wanted to shoot a expecting mother in that matter, but know one was ever open to do so. She made me feel SO comfortable in my own skin that I knew I needed to do this if not I was going to regret allowing her to capture these images. I have no regrets! Those pictures are my ultimate favorite from the entire photoshoot. My husband couldn’t even believe I did it lol.

We took our pictures on a private beach in key biscayne. It was so beautiful and peaceful. While we finished up the shoot Angelo and Mike were able to enjoy some time alone on the beach looking for shells and spotting baby crabs on the shore. We were the only ones on the beach that day.

May captured everything I wanted exactly how I wanted it. She was beyond amazing with working with my family. You can follow and see more of May’s work on instagram under @alleyezonmay.

& now enjoy the rest of our photos!

Xox. ❤


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