Mini home therapy sessions

A few months ago I shared about Angelo’s delay on language on social media. I really didn’t want to talk about it much, bring it up or share about what my family was going through, through the process of figuring out what was going on with Angelo’s speech delay. But I figured I bet I am not alone and there are other mothers just like me!

We went through over three hearing test and they all came back positive. So the hearing was definitely not the problem. We went through continues doctors until we were scheduled for a visit with a Speech Therapist. Okay, let me be clear I figured this would be like a regular visit for the first time, super easy and smooth. This appointment was completely different and basically an evaluation of Angelo’s behavior and day to day. I was asked many questions and along was my husband. The therapist wrapped up her thoughts and the bomb was dropped! The therapist suggest Angelo get tested for Autism! She said Angelo had 50% characteristics of children with minor autism. I literally felt like the whole world was dropped on my shoulders and just broke down crying. Although I was not very much aware of what Autism stood for no mother ever wants to hear their child could have some type of disorder or health issue. Thank God my husband was there to keep us both put together! He’s always been the strong back bone in our family.

For the past few weeks I didn’t speak, I didn’t seek out to anyone for comfort, and picked fights with my husband because I was so upset and felt like the only mother ALWAYS going through hardships with my son. I asked God all the time why me and why my son. I spent day and night googling information on Autism and that just made it worse. I did get very informed about it and give my heart out to those mothers who have to deal with their child being autistic. I love you, I seriously do! I reached out to a Instagram friend whose child was diagnosed autistic around Angelo’s age and she made me feel so much  better about my whole situation. She kept in touch and checked up on how Angelo’s autism evaluation went. I want to thank you Rosalia for your comforting words ❤

Angelo was checked up for the Speech Therapist suggestion but I was filled with happiness and relief when the doctor walked in and told me Angelo is “NOT AUTISTIC he just has a speech delay”. I am so thankful. I prayed,  our families and friends kept my angel in their prayers and they worked.

So back to what this post is really about! Angelo has been attending Speech Therapy for over 6 months now and it has help soooo much! We communicate much better instead of the whole tugging, dragging and pointing, but Speech delay is not the only thing Angelo lacks on. He currently started food therapy and occupational therapy. I wanted to share one of the “at home sesh” we have when Angelo isn’t at food therapy twice a week. Down below is the video which shows me with a toy and getting him to take a bite of his snack so he can put the coin in the piggy. This is somewhat a regular day in therapy.

I suggest you buy a toy that you will only use for these mini at home sessions. Once you are done hide it and put it away, so that when your child sees that toy they know it is feeding time. I would usually turn the tv off and we do this for about 15-20min.

If you would like suggestions on the two toys I use for feeding time let me know in the comments 😉

I hope this helps anyone going through a picky eater or not eating at all eater, in my case.

Love and light xox




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