Photoshoot w/ Love is Me Photography at Winter Garden

Yesterday we had scheduled a hour long photo session with my dear friend Michelle creator of Love is Me Photography. She does amazing work and is super amazing when working with families with children. Angelo is already comfortable with Michelle from being around her and her two adorable kids a few times but his mood yesterday after a few shots was like “mom, I’m done”. So we took as many shots as we could and then Michelle decided on shooting a few of my husband and I. It was pretty nice since our three year wedding anniversary was on Wednesday.

We shot our pictures in downtown Winter Garden. This place was beyond beautiful and filled with many vintage scenery. I’m so happy we chose this location. Michelle did an awesome job capturing my look and ideas. These pictures are going to be used to finish decorating the walls in my home and I can’t wait to share that with you guys!

Thank you Michelle for your patience and eye in capturing these amazing, perfect pictures of my family ❤️.

To contact Love is Me Photography you can visit her;

IG @loveismephotography



Enjoy them just as much as I do!











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