My Birth Story (Part 1)

loveI became a mother & wife all in one year. My pregnancy was planned & I knew I was ready to become a mother. My husband and I had been dating for over 8 years at the time. We had planned to be engaged, but I was so determined to be pregnant more at the time. My determination sure did get me pregnant lol. The day I found out I was 100% pregnant I was so afraid and couldn’t stop crying for days. After all the “want a baby” I was scared to bring someone into this deranged world. I really questioned myself if I would/could be a great mother.

Time past, & I was pregnant, engaged, & planning a wedding in less than 3 months!
September 30th, 2012 I married my high school sweetheart. I was about 5 months pregnant. At 6 months our unborn son took his first trip with us on our honeymoon to Jamaica. Upon my return my belly was finally showing & that is when it all became surreal! The feeling of his foot kicking my ribs every night & the constant acid reflux were soon to be over.

Also, at the time I was a college student. Spring semester had not started yet and I was already planning to continue going to school while finishing up my last couple of months pregnant. I believed in myself to finish the semester with a baby on the way plus by then he would already be here. I came into an agreement with my in laws to help with my studies by watching over my son once he was born so I could finish my semester at Seminole State.

At around 32 weeks of pregnancy I went in for my last sonogram to make sure the baby’s heartbeat, height, and size were properly developing. My original doctor, Dr. Tobon, was on vacation so I had to be seen by one of the other on call doctors that day. Dr. Lopez went a long and did my sonogram. He said everything was great, the baby was developing at a great size and I should be able to deliver on time. I went home assuming my soon to be born son was a healthy baby on its way.

Then, at around 34 weeks of pregnancy, Dr. Tobon was back from his vacation and asked about my last sonogram. He mentioned the sonogram had not been saved to their data and he would have to do another just to make sure everything was going as planned. This is when the worst of the fears started. Dr. Tobon finished up the sonogram and started questioning me about what was told to me before on my last visit while he was gone, because what he was witnessing is a 18-20 week old baby who is suppose to be measuring up in size to a 34 week old baby. At that moment my heart sunk! After that terrible news my husband and I were sent for an emergency sonogram at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. Through the car ride there I broke down emotionally. The idea of the baby I had dreamed of all this time, the baby I had prayed for every day might be born a still born. Apparently, the previous doctor who took my first growth sonogram didn’t record the measurements of the baby nor the sonogram. (F.Y.I he mentioned everything was great at the time & I should be delivering a healthy baby). After the emergency sonogram was finished a doctor walked in and determined I needed to deliver this baby as soon as possible because my placenta stopped working a long time ago and he was at risk.

They set me up to get the process started of getting my son delivered that night. I was put on a medicine to start labor. After, a few hours my baby was not cooperating and his heart beat started to drop. The doctor came in and said I would have to go under an emergency c-section as soon as possible because the baby’s heart beat is dropping and if not taken out soon could possibly die in my womb. My husband and I were in a ball of emotions after hearing this news. Tears running down our cheeks. I was about to deliver a premature baby at 34 weeks and the son we had been waiting for, for all this time could just be taken away from us today. My family & husband were the ones who kept me sane.

Around that same time my best friend was in the same hospital about to deliver. Yes! my best friend & I went through this exciting journey together. Well not so much for myself at the beginning, but because of her there next to me I felt so much stronger. I will forever thank her guidance and love that day. I will forever remember her rushing upstairs after delivering her princess just to see me before the c-section.

February 6th, 2013 Angelo Armani was born weighing 4lbs. 6oz. He was so tiny with the biggest frog eyes haha. My son was given life through me & had just restarted mine! My best friend had delivered the same day to my little star Amyah. We had birthday twins! Angelo was taken to the NICU for extra care. I wasn’t able to see him after thirty minutes of delivering him. I hated this so much. I don’t have any pictures to share or keepsake of holding Angelo after delivery. Those memories were taken away from my husband and I.

Angelo is now 32lbs. and healthy as can be! He’s a happy, smart, adventurous little boy. Our friends call him the little panda in the bunch for how calm and collective he is. As a preemie baby he tends to move and do things at his own pace, but he truly is a wonderful boy. That little blue eyed, fair skin, chunky boy in my dreams came to life and I am blessed to be his mother ❤️
To be continued…

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