Disneyland for the 1st time!

Angelo finally got to experience Fantasyland! I loved this entire day from beginning to end. We went in a big group of friends and family; 20 exact! We had breakfast at the Polynesian Resort with Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch. They served us Hawaiian breakfast and it was totally amazing.

After, we headed on over to Magic Kingdom where we spent the rest of our entire day.

Angelo rode the Dumbo ride and loved it. His expression was priceless!


He loved “It’s a Small World after all”. He ate a turkey leg with mama, in which he enjoyed. Thank God Angelo had woken up right when the fireworks started. We watched the fireworks from the castle and it was all so beautiful! It really was a special moment for us. We all then headed to some mild shopping at a Disney store nearby where I found the cutest Mickey Woody inspired hat! I loved it so much that I definitely bought it. Then we headed home and Angelo went straight to bed. He was so wiped out by all the fun in one day. I was so happy because my baby was happy. He really truly enjoyed his first time at Disney. I suggest no parent having any doubt that their 11 month old would have no fun because my son totally did!


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