Fudge fly, I am FASHION.

On this day Angelo came along with me to the salon. I needed to retouch my roots and like always my mama is to the rescue :)! Thank God for a hairstylist as a mom!
My mom was so excited to see Angelo since our distance is quite far, but we always keep in touch and try to hang out on the weekends. Every time my mom sees Angelo she grabs him quick out of the car seat to go show off her grandson to her clients, never fails jaja. Like always Angelo behaved so well while I was getting all glam up!

I know lately I haven’t been posting up much of Angelo’s outfit details because I have been quite busy with my sewing classes and sewing projects ;). I AM HAPPY to say that I finally finished my classes and sewed up my skirt! I am trying to get back to posting more outfit dets.!


dee ❤


Outfit Ootd:
Cobalt blue beanie: Walmart
Army green jacket: Old Navy
Denim shirt: H&M
Striped bow tie: @brennasbows (IG)
Lightning boys leggings: Zara
Jordan 11: Gifted but could possibly find in footlocker


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