No need for competing.

Very true my friend! Besitos from Angelo and I ❤

The Gentle Mom

After becoming a mom I have noticed that other moms always love to compete. Why is that? Why is it that we as humans are never content with our own situations and the things we have? It’s always about whose child crawled first, walked first, stood up first, dresses better, behaves better, and so forth. I don’t compare my son to anyone. My son is his own person, and to be completely honest I am in no rush for him to reach the next milestone. Life passes us by so quickly and you notice this even more when one has children. I don’t want to take any of these special moments for granted. I don’t want to miss something because I was too busy worrying about what someone else’s child was doing “first”. What I see the most is mothers judging other mothers for doing certain things. Who cares if…

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