This Thanksgiving we spent it with my husbands side of our family. All of Angelo’s aunts, uncles and cousins were here from New York. We spent our Thanksgiving dinner at my husbands grandmas house. We spent some nice quality time together and ate so much food. Angelo had a great first Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for such a healthy, happy baby ❤
I would love to read some of all of yours Thanksgiving this year. Leave comments below please 🙂


Modern world Momma ❤

Mamas Ootn:
Tunic: H&M
Leather pants: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: Michael Kora and Forever 21


Angelo’s Ootn:
White moccs: Derriehandmade
Navy pants: H&M
Gray cardi vest: Carters
Fox button up: Jcpenny
Fox bow tie: EvieandAviebowtique


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