Angelo and I as you can see, spend most of our free time shopping lmao! It’s really an obsession that I have had for many years way before he was born; it was actually worse when I had no kid, no “real” bills, or married. On this post I decided to start sharing some of my own personal pieces for enjoyment, because lately a few of my personal friends/up and coming bloggers; in which I will share there pages bellow; have encourage me to start back to feeling/doing what I love the most which is dressing up and fashion in general. I always dreamed of going to fashion school for fashion merchandising, but my mother killed my hopes and dreams by not allowing me to leave the state of Florida to attend FIT. Before Angelo Fashion was everything to me! I always had to look good before stepping out. Hair had to be done, makeup had to be done, and most importantly my wardrobe had to be on point! After Angelo I started to feel very self conscious and not myself. For the first time in my life I wasn’t confident with who I was as a young mom and wife. I didn’t know how to juggle being a mom but still feel young and beautiful. Through all of those emotions I did develop an overly obsession over Baby/Kids Fashion! Since I felt yucky over my body and how I felt inside Angelo’s wardrobe became something like a project to me, it kept me busy because duh I am a mom and I have to care for him as well as feed and dress him so why not enjoy doing it lol. That is when my ideas of learning to sew came in mind and my interest into wanting to open a small boutique with exclusive pieces for children only.

All those ideas brought me to where I am now. Now on this day I can say I feel a lot better about myself. I found who I am and am perfectly fine and happy as to where I stand. My husband is a great part of me. He never judged me and always made sure I was wrong about whatever dumb comment I would say about myself.

Now back to those two friends who are up coming bloggers! One is VTforFashion and the other is xoIvanaCo. I worked with both of these amazing women. They each have very different styles but both inspired me to get the ball rolling jaja. Like I said before fashion has always been something I enjoyed and love but felt like it was taken away from me. Watching these two come out of their shell and actually start blogging made me realize I could do the same. I love VTforFashion’s diversity in style shes funky and fun and I love xoIvanaCo’s sassy and classiness. These two friends have made me realize I can still be a mom and have IT! I look through their blogs for ideas and fashion instincts. I communicate with both with questions on anything and their both always their. Love them and their ambition ❤ Check their blog spots out over at : &

Now check out below Angelo and I’s Outfit details 🙂

Mama’s Ootd:

Lips: Wet’n’Wild Berry Beautiful

Denim shirt: online boutique ( last yrs.)

Over sized Sweater: H&M

White jeans: Old Navy

Booties: GoJane

Accesories: Michael Kors, Forever 21, BrinandBrell


Angelo’s Ootd:

Royal blue pants: Walmart
Shoes: Macrobaby
White button up: Zara
Patched elbow cardi: H&M


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