Thursdays with mama.

Every Thursday our usual day runs like this: 1. Wake up, feed Angelo 2. Angelo bathes while mama choices outfits for the both of us ( he bathes in my jacuzzi, so I'm always near) 3. Angelo gets dressed, feeds and watches Mickey 4. I hop in the shower and get ready 5. Get Angelo's [...]

Happy Birthday Great Grandma.

Sunday we spent our day getting ready for my husbands grandma and Angelo's great grandmas birthday party. Angelo seriously looked so handsome and was in the greatest mood. The food was off the chain! Everything was so beautiful! All the family was together. Angelo and I met some of my husbands other family members that [...]

Black Friday.

After Thanksgiving best believe I went Black Friday shopping with my little man :). Daddy scouted from 6-7pm and got us two tvs for our new place next year. Then we went to the malls for some mild shopping. Came home around 4am refueled and headed back out at 1pm. Angelo and I met up [...]


This Thanksgiving we spent it with my husbands side of our family. All of Angelo's aunts, uncles and cousins were here from New York. We spent our Thanksgiving dinner at my husbands grandmas house. We spent some nice quality time together and ate so much food. Angelo had a great first Thanksgiving. I am so [...]


Angelo and I as you can see, spend most of our free time shopping lmao! It's really an obsession that I have had for many years way before he was born; it was actually worse when I had no kid, no "real" bills, or married. On this post I decided to start sharing some of [...]