Family time.


I love Fall! We love Fall! I love scarfs, there awesome and seriously can be worn any season just be careful with colors, fabric, & textures; possibly prints too.
I found this scarf for Angelo in New York when we were on vacay at Zara. I regret just purchasing one scarf because I can’t seem to find anymore similar to this one.

This day we spent our time shopping with daddy. We had a great family day all of us three together 👪. Daddy took us out for dinner that night too.

Outfit details:
-Scarf: Zara 9.95$
-Long sleeve lion: H&M 9.95$
-Mustard pants: Walmart 8.95$ (I was always the one to say I would never buy any clothing from Walmart, but I saw these and I fell in love with the color and how great they looked plus the price was GREAT!)
-White Moccs: Deeriehandmade 18$




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