First Fall ootd !


Hey pretty ladies 😘,

Heres Angelo’s first Fall season outfit for the day! Here in Orlando,FL we don’t get much of a Fall weather up until January! Well we feel it a bit around October but our Fall and Winter is practically a mix in January. It kind of sucks because it confuses our wardrobe a bit, but I don’t care when ever the weather is blah, like today and the past days it has been raining, I’ll bring out some of our Fall wardrobe pieces!
Angelo was cute little copilot today! 🚁

Copilot hat: bought on Ebay for 5$ shipped
Light denim shirt: H&M for 12$
Planes onesie: H&M for 9.95$
Dark brown pants: H&M for 14.95$ ( bought last year before Angelo was even born)
Red moccs: Derriehandmade for 18$; you can find her on IG @derriehandmade or etsy!

All those fab! pieces completed my sweet baby’s outfit today. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back!

Xox, Dee 💋





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