Soon to be working stay at home mom.

I am so excited to say that yesterday I finally put in my two weeks into the company I have put all my hard work and commitment into for the past 3 years. I am excited because I will finally be able to stay home with my bugga and work from home at the same time!
I am a bit sad 😢 because DIESEL is like a second home to me. I will miss very mucho all of the amazing people I have met in the past 3 years. I will miss my managers who are and what make our store an amazing team. I will cherish and take so many memories I have created with each an one of my coworkers, but it was time for this momma to go! Lol
Angelo is my main priority and it saddens me when I miss things in his life because I am at work from 3-cl 😑 I live a bit far from work and when I have a closing shift I get home around 12:30-1:00AM! Around that time my son is already asleep and I don’t get to see him until the next morning and that is if I am not opening the store.
I will be working for my family business, in which Angelo will be with me so it makes it soo much more easier. I can raise my son and work at the same time. I will be working with my aunt/godmother who I love so much and has always been there for me. My schedule works out great because I’ll have weekends off, so Angelo and I could be with daddy 😊
Everything is starting to work out GREAT!

Today I am off and spending all dy with my bugga 👶
This morning Angelo ate peaches 🍑 for the first time and he loved it 😋
This is us after cleaning him up…



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