Val and I <333

This girl has known me for quite a while now. We have had a bumpy road to our friendship but we always end up together at the end. We go through everything together and she knows me from head to toe. I had the honor to share a great gift given to me from God, the gift to be a mother with her by my side. Our babies share a birthday, which means YES! we got pregnant at the same time and our children some how; out of destiny; were born the same exact date! Weird huh! lol

Were into the same things, we have the same taste and we literally sometimes share a brain! Besides everything I know she always has my back, will support me through whatever and be there for a lifetime.

“Yes, she’s my best friend, and yes

Sometimes we have problems, sometimes we fight.

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. I know everything about her, and she knows everything about me.

And even though we have defects,

We love each other…

And we always will.”

I Love you best friend ❤



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